How did this happen to us?!

Marianne shares her thoughts with us regarding a few major life changes, including sending her firstborn off to college, moving, and starring in an episode of 'House Hunter's Renovations'. 


As we drew closer to the realization that our son, Jack, would soon be going off to college, empty nest syndrome starting looming. What are we going to fill our days doing? The house is going to be so quiet, thought Greg (my husband) and I. We have a couple more years with our youngest son, David, but we knew he would be off in a flash, too. 

Would we travel? Become couch potatoes? And do we need this big house? Not that our house was huge - but it certainly felt that way when we considered the reality that very soon, only two people would be living in it. This was it, really - moving would be our first step. So we decided to keep our eye out. Our dear realtor friend, Mike Grumbles, would on occasion send over house listings that fit our needs BUT I was pretty specific. I knew we didn't have to go anywhere, and that allotted me the luxury of being selective. Though we went with Mike to view a few (honestly, great) houses, there was one particular neighborhood that I coveted. A neighborhood where houses rarely came on the market. 

Last summer my father Joel, who had fought his way back from a massive stroke, found out he had cancer. Though the news came swiftly, those last few weeks with him were precious. We talked about the grandchildren and their futures. And what my future looked like with Greg and our empty nest. I told my daddy about my "dream" neighborhood. A few days after my father passed, I found myself driving through that neighborhood "just in case". And there it was, "COMING SOON" sign in the front yard - just like Miracle of 34th Street.  Was MY daddy Santa Claus?

House Hunters Renovation had contacted us during this chaotic summer. When it was decided that we were going to become "an episode", the director came by to tell us that we were Episode #1105. That number happens to be a very significant date - my oldest son's birthday, and a couple days after my dad's birthday. Thanks, Daddy! I thought, because I knew it was a sign. My daddy is Santa Claus. This house is special to me and my family. Others might not see it as their dream home but we certainly do! I couldn't have imagined a more special gift than this home. Follow us through the next few weeks and we will share, room by room, more details about the renovation, the decisions and furnishings!

A Smaller Home with Big Issues, Marianne and Greg's episode of House Hunter's Renovations {Season 11, Episode 5}, airs Saturday June 24th at 9pm CST!